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Ticino Health

Location Lugano, Switzerland

Ticino Health is an owner-run public limited company established in February 2014 with its registered office in Lugano, Ticino. For national and international clients, Ticino Health sources and organises individualised treatments and health trips for the maintenance of well-being and beauty, as well as the stabilisation and restoration of health. Ticino Health has been supported and promoted in the development phase by the Canton Ticino (DFE) in the context of the regional economic policy Filiera Salute e Benessere. It embodies an integrated solution for todays society, in which the physical and mental well-being of each individual is not downstage but takes centre stage and is assisted by us in an integrated process before, during and after the trip. ..

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Medical Health Center Bad Ragaz

Location Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz The Leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort Deep in the ruggedly picturesque Tamina Gorge beats the heart of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: the legendary spring that has provided us with body-temperature thermal spa water for centuries. It forms the basis for a unique synthesis of wellbeing and health. The unique combination of luxury hotel facilities, fine food, wellbeing with its own thermal spa water, health, business and golf makes the Grand Resort unmistakable and incomparable. Experience timeless elegance and consummate hospitality. Get away from it all and discover the perfection of tranquillity, space and time in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the true source of being. ..

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Klinik Valens

Location Valens, Switzerland

The former Walenstadtberg Rehabilitation Clinic fused with the Valens Clinic in September 2011. Since this merger, the Valens Clinics have become one of the biggest rehabilitation centres in Switzerland. The same interdisciplinary approach is adopted in both centres. However, it is important for us that the specific capabilities and characteristics of each centre be able to develop individually. We offer neurological rehabilitation only in Valens, andpulmonology, oncology and geriatric rehabilitation only in Walenstadtberg; while the rheumatological, internal and psychosomatic rehabilitation is offered in both centres. ..

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