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Apollo Hospitals Group

Location Chennai

With over 9000 beds across 55 hospitals in India and overseas, neighborhood diagnostic clinics, an extensive chain of Apollo Pharmacies, medical BPO as well as health insurance services and clinical research divisions working on the cutting edge of medical science, Apollo Hospitals is a healthcare powerhouse you can trust with your life. At Apollo Hospitals, India, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with centuries-old traditions of Eastern care and warmth, as we truly believe the world is our extended family-something our 16 million patients from 60 countries can warmly affirm. We are today the largest healthcare network in the Afro-Asian region. ..

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MAX Healthcare Hospitals

Location 1,2 Press Enclave Road, Saket New Delhi 110 017 Phone: +91 11 2651 5050 Fax: +91 11 2651 0050 Emergency No : +91 11 4055 4055

Max is Indias leading provider of comprehensive, seamless and integrated world class healthcare services with a strong presence across North India. It is well on its way to become the regions chief healthcare provider with 1900 beds. Max Healthcare has over 1600 leading doctors with international levels of expertise and acclaim in their area of practice. Our hospitals are NABH and ISO accredited and our brand stands for the highest commitment to medical excellence and a passion for service quality- delivered at a fraction of international costs. Max Healthcare is currently working in partnership with a number of health and government organizations across the globe like Kurdistan Save the Children (KSC), Ministry of Health- Iraq, and Military Attache Oman etc. g ..

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KPJ Healthcare

Location Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJ) is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and is today the leading healthcare service provider in Malaysia. Operating the country's largest private healthcare network with 25 private specialist hospitals, we also have strategic investments via two hospitals in Jakarta, Indonesia; one hospital in Bangkok, Thailand; a hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh; and an aged care and retirement resort in Brisbane, Australia. As the healthcare arm of Johor Corporation (JCorp), the Johor state-owned development corporation, KPJ has now served the community for more than 33 years since the opening of our first hospital in Johor Bahru in 1981. Today, our network of hospitals spans almost every state in Malaysia and has a combined bed capacity of almost 3,000 operating beds. Our hospitals serve more than 2.6 million patients annually, and in 2013 alone treated over 2.4 million outpatients and more than 260,000 inpatients. KPJ's workforce today comprises more than 10,000 employees who support the services provided by more than 1,000 medical consultants specialising in various disciplines. As a progressive healthcare provider, the Group is committed to investing in leading edge equipment and state-of-the-art medical technology in our effort to provide positive patient experiences as well as enhance medical and surgical outcomes. Through KPJ Healthcare University College (KPJUC), we are fulfilling the academic and career ambitions of individuals as well as fulfilling the healthcare industry's requirements for medical specialists, skilled nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Our commitment to quality and compassionate care has also attracted many local and foreign patients from all over the globe. KPJ's foray into the medical tourism segment continues to gain solid ground on the back of aggressive marketing strategies in Asia, the Middle East, Australia and more recently, East Africa. Customer trust in KPJ is evidence of the Group's good operational performance and quality initiatives. In fiscal 2007, KPJ successfully earned its first annual billion-ringgit turnover (with revenue totalling RM1.11 billion that year). New record highs were achieved in subsequent years, with revenue rising to RM1.27 billion, RM1.46 billion, RM1.65 billion and RM1.91 billion in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 respectively. In 2012, we surpassed the RM2.0 billion mark for the first time ever with revenue reaching a high of RM2.10 billion. In 2013, KPJ's revenue reached an all-time high of RM2.33 billion while we turned in profit before zakat and tax of RM159.5 million, marking the continuation of our sterling track record. For this relentless pursuit of operational excellence and high standards of healthcare, as well as our commitment to forging good stakeholder relationships, we were accorded several awards and accolades in 2013. These included the Best Managed Company Awards (Best Small Cap Company) from AsiaMoney; the Global Excellence in Management Awards (Excellence in Healthcare Management) from the Malaysian Institute of Management; the Corporate Governance Industry Excellence Award for Healthcare from the Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group; and the Malaysia Excellence Awards (Healthcare Service Provider) from Frost & Sullivan; and a Corporate Social Responsibility award from Advertising + Marketing Magazine's inaugural Marketing Excellence Awards 2013. Another key focus area is the emphasis on patient safety throughout the length and breadth of our operations. To date, KPJ's hospitals have received recognition from accreditation bodies such as the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH) and Joint Commission International (JCI). Our hospitals also continue to obtain certifications such as the Integrated Management System (IMS) that integrates and emphasises the Quality Management (MS ISO 9001:2000), Environment (MS ISO 14001:2004) and Occupational Safety and Health (OSHAS 18001:1999) Systems, as well as ISO, and SIRIM certification. To date, 14 KPJ hospitals have been accredited by the MSQH while 4 hospitals have received JCI accreditation. As a responsible corporate citizen, KPJ also reaches out to the community through public health screening sessions, health talks and other events. We continue to touch the lives of the impoverished and underprivileged in communities through our management of the Klinik Wakaf An-Nur (KWAN) initiative which has served more than 960,000 patients since the inception of the first KWAN charity clinic in Johor in 1998. Today, the KWAN network encompasses 1 hospital in Johor, 19 clinics throughout Malaysia, as well as 2 mobile clinics in Johor and Selangor. ..

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Thaqdees Hospital

Location Kerala, India

Welcome To Thaqdees Hospitals Ltd Thaqdees Hospitals Ltd, a public limited company, formed by some well meaning and service minded persons with the intention of establishing a Multispecialty Hospital to cater to the needs of all sections of the society by taking only moderate and reasonable charges. Our Mission Our mission is to bring health care of International Standards within the reach of every individual, and we are committed to achieve excellence in Health Care, Medical Education, Research and Development for the benefit of the community. Let us strive jointly to promote this noble venture. Location Pukkattupady in Edathala Punchayath, Aluva, Kochi. Easily accessible from anywhere in the state, country or outside the country-only 23 kms by road from the International Airport, Kochi. Can easily reach without being stuck-up in the Traffic Jam. 8.5 acres of beautiful land, abundant water, calm and quiet place, Hygienic, Pollution free, Pure, Serene and Soothing area, surrounded by greenery. ..

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Location İstanbul, Turkey

Our Samsun Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Branch Center started its operation in July of 2005, and Kocaeli Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Branch Center in August of 2006. Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital with 25-bed capacity started its service in 2010, in Samsun, and our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center existing in province of Kocaeli has been converted to a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital with 27-bed capacity. ROMATEM continued to grow in 2012 by opening the first Turkish Robotic Rehabilitation Center in Bostanci and has taken a significant step in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. In the same year, our Nişantaşı Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic has been opened for service. As Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospitals Group, we completed successfully our services being provided in Kartal Yavuz Selim State Hospital, Ordu State Hospital, Samsun Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital, Darşşafaka Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit in Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University. Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Branch Hospital with 50-bed capacity, in Bursa, started its operation as from March of 2014. Romatem; possesses Lokomat device (a walking robot for paralyzed patients and for the patients who have walking disorder), which exists in Turkey in very small numbers, Armeospring-Armeopower shoulder-arm robot and Armeo hand-finger robot, and Vertetrac device which is a new solution for low back and neck pains, and HIL Therapy device which is a high intense laser therapy for low back and neck calcifications, and Diers 4D four-metric scoliosis measuring device used in diagnosis of scoliosis (vertebral curvature) and also ICSC 2.0 Spinal Decompression device which offers treatment for the patients with lumbar and cervical disc hernia, who are recommended to have surgery or who underwent surgery, but, could not find healing , and all such devices are used in treatment of the patients. ..

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Czech (Wellness)

Location Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a modern and dynamic destination with a rich history and unique natural beauty. The CzechTourism agency, along with its offices abroad ,ensures its successful presentation on the domestic and foreign markets. The Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism is a contributory organization of the Ministry for Regional Development and was established in 1993. Its significant partner agencies include domestic tourist regions, cities, municipalities and businesses. Vision and objectives Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism is engaged in the development of tourism in the Czech Republic through a number of key activities that promote tourism domestically and abroad. The main vision of the CzechTourism agency is to create a new perception of the Czech Republic, in particular its transformation from a post-communist destination to an attractive location for tourists. One of the tasks of the agency is to convince domestic clients and foreign visitors to discover the beauty of the Czech Republic. In addition to the capital city of Prague, which has an exceptional reputation in the world, it primarily aims to show the potential of undiscovered regional places. Other objectives of CzechTourism include increasing the repetition of visits and the satisfaction of tourists. The source markets The main source markets for the Czech Republic are Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, USA, Poland, Slovakia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria or Japan. The share of the main markets are about the same, with some exceptions (e.g. Germany, Russia) The number and proportion of arrivals and overnight stays from Russia and the new European markets such as Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey are gradually increasing. From new markets outside Europe, the highest growth of arrivals and overnight stays is registered mainly from South Korea, China and Brazil. The importance of source markets must also be assessed by the amount of average daily expenditure. The markets with the highest overall average daily expenditure are Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, France, Spain, but also Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Marketing campaign Attractive tourist destinations in the Czech Republic on the domestic and foreign markets are represented in the campaign "Czech Republic: A Country Full of Stories." The engaging stories which visitors can uncover, discover and experience on their own, entice them to visit unique places. In promoting the Czech Republic, CzechTourism focuses on the following topics: Journeys of discovery, presenting unique cultural elements such as sacral monuments, urban architecture and customs and traditional gastronomy. They are not just focused on Prague, but also on other cities with a story like Brno and Olomouc. Countryside trails, promoting mostly casual outdoor activities in nature during the summer and winter. Pathways to health are founded on world-renowned Czech spas and medical tourism. MICE - congress and incentive tourism For the presentation of the Czech Republic as an interesting tourist destination the CzechTourism agency also uses Integrated Operational Programme projects, funded by the European Union. Each of the projects focuses on the promotion of domestic and inbound tourism, representing Czech gastronomy, traditions and customs or film tourism. Promotion Tools The CzechTourism agency presents the Czech Republic at several fairs and through the use of leaflets it ensures the promotion of tourism bodies. In addition, the organization publishes a number of clear and graphically attractive brochures and maps, which offer visitors an overview of the interesting tourist destinations from various thematic aspects. An important element of promoting the Czech Republic abroad is a schematic presentation of tourist potential through press and fam trips, namely trips for foreign journalists and tour operators. Another agenda is the support of major domestic events as well as the organization of custom events, such as the International competition of ice and straw wine IceWine du Monde or the film festival TourFilm. An integral part of the promotion of the Czech Republic at home and abroad is the website of the organization. The portal presents the Czech Republic through various products and attracts potential foreign visitors not through isolated targets, but through the stories of the cities, personalities, architecture and countryside . Foreign representation The Czech Republic is represented by 21 foreign representative CzechTourism agencies both in European countries, including Germany, UK and Spain and in countries outside Europe, such as China, Brazil or the USA. The basic objective of the network of foreign CzechTourism representative agencies is to promote the Czech Republic in the respective markets, build brand awareness of destinations and stimulate the volume of arrivals of foreign visitors. The CzechTourism agency branches offer a wide range of promotional activities. Their basic tools include campaigns (on-line, print and outdoor), press and fam trips, road shows, participation in trade fairs, promotional events, organizing presentations and workshops, collaboration with foreign and Czech entities and establishing and developing contacts with strategic partners. Czech Convention Bureau The Mission of the Czech Convention Bureau (CzCB) is the promotion of the Czech Republic in the field of congress and incentive tourism on the domestic and foreign market. CzCB closely cooperates with regional offices. It covers the work of regions and thereby contributes to maximizing the use of all convention potential offered by the Czech Republic. Congress and incentive tourism (also known by the acronym MICE) is one of the economically most beneficial forms of tourism. Statistics of the International Association ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) quantify the average total expenditure of a delegate at a meeting to more than 2 600 USD, which is up to three times the expenditure of tourists. Prague is already traditionally placed in leading positions on the global ranking of congress cities. The Tourism Institute of the Czech Republic The Tourism Institute is a new department of the CzechTourism agency. Its mission is to provide other organizational units of the agency and the professional and general public with reporting, analysis and information services. It also provides regular information on the current state and expected development of the tourism market in the Czech Republic, provides regular information on the current state and prospects of the international tourism market, through collaboration with the public and private sector it puts the acquired knowledge into practice, thereby contributing to the development and achievement of the long-term competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the field of tourism. ..

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Swiss Summit Hospital

Location Leukerbad, Switzerland

The Leukerbad Clinic is a hospital establishment which specialises in treating people who wish to protect their health, undergo a health assessment, or find the most effective solution to a health problem. The Leukerbad Clinic is located in the heart of the Alps, far from city pollution. It is set in spectacular mountain scenery, the source of thermal waters whose therapeutic virtues have been acknowledged since Roman times. These waters and the pure mountain air will help you eliminate toxins and improve your rest and relaxation. The ideal altitude stimulates the production of red blood cells, encouraging more oxygen into your body. These benefits, combined with our medical programmes, provide optimal conditions for recharging your batteries and energy levels. Your stay at the Leukerbad Clinic is the occasion for a personal check-up and an in-depth analysis of your state of health. Here you can unwind and look after yourself, learn the basics of a good diet, recharge your batteries and enjoy a rewarding experience, living healthily in a balanced and agreeable way. ..

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Location İstanbul, Trkiye

Bir Inci Eye Hospital is rapidly becoming a recognized center for eye treatment in the region. We focus on the diagnosis, care and treatment of international patients. Settled in Beylikduzu, one of Istanbuls most tranquil and exclusive residential districts, Bir Inci Eye Hospital is situated in lush gardens & parks. Our hospital is ten minutes from Ataturk Airport , walking distance from the new metrobus public transport system , easy ring road access. Moreover; there is a wide range of 3*, 4*, 5* Hotels as well as many shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers. Bir Inci Eye Hospital has TV SD certifications. All our international patients and guests are accompanied by a dedicated multilingual specialist during the diagnostic and treatment process, through to recovery and convalescence in their home country. ..

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Casa di Cura San Rossore

Location Pisa (PI), Italy

The San Rossore Medical Centre is one of the most well-known private health care facilities in Italy. At the San Rossore Medical Centre, the patient is at the centre of everything we do, and that is the founding principle of the services we provide. All the internal resources, facilities, equipment and staff aim to solve the patients health problems, making sure sufficient information is provided about the organisation and access to services, diagnosis and necessary therapies and rehabilitation. We provide the highest level of personal comfort and assistance and respect our patients dignity. The San Rossore Medical Centre is a specialist healthcare facility that carries out diagnosis and treatment activities in a hospital, day hospital and outpatient context. Medical assessments and tests and full, general or targeted check-ups are carried out quickly in the Diagnosis Centre. There is also an on-site Medical Centre for specialist out-patient appointments for a range of disciplines. The In-Patient department has 70 beds in bedrooms of one or two beds (premium or standard class). The services available are listed in the following pages. Bedrooms with a sitting room are also available. Meals for patients and their carers can be chosen from the menu and are prepared to order on a daily basis by the on-site catering service. Nestled in the greenery of San Rossore Natural Park, it is located on the outskirts of the historic centre of Pisa, a Tuscan town famous for its artistic and architectural treasures. The facility is easy to access, close to Pisa railway station, Galileo Galilei international airport and the main motorway exits. ..

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Emsey Hospital

Location Istanbul, Turkey

Emsey Hospital is one of Turkeys leading private hospitals. It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul in the Pendik Kurtky district. It is only five minutes away from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and very close to five stars hotels, shopping malls, university campuses, techno polis, lots of business offices of big companies, highways and a Marine Port. Emsey Hospital provides high quality, modern, advance and reliable healthcare services to patients from all around the world since 2012. As a general hospital, we have got all therapeutic branches in Basic Medicine, Surgical Medicine and Internal Medicine Units as well as various special branches with advanced medical technologies and treatment options. ..

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