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Basic Detail

Year of Establishment 1996
Parking Yes
Canteen Yes
Internal Pharmacy Yes
Blood Bank Yes
Ambulance Service Yes


Rajeck Teplice, Slovakia

Introduction & Overview

In every season of the year you will feel comfortably in the Aphrodite spa you can combine a relaxation in thermal water with a hiking or biking trip to the surrounding in the summer, or you can go skiing to the nearby skin resorts in the winter or come in the spring to adore the waking of the nature or falling leaves in the autumn. Our offer of stays is flexible and it is only up to you what kind of stay youll choose you are always welcomed in Rajeck Teplice.

Centres of Excellence

The spa went through an extensive renovation after 1996, thanks to the efforts of the new owners, which changed the spa out of all recognition, making Rajeck Teplice an attractive place to spend both therapeutic and relaxation wellness stays. Thermal springs of acratoteriem type with a 38C thermal water are used in the balneology centre at the Aphrodite Spa House to treat inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the movement apparatus, joints, spine, neurological diseases and occupational diseases.

Services & Facilities

MASSAGES BEAUTY TREATMENTS HYDROTHERAPEUTIC PROCEDUR ... OTHER PROCEDURES DAY SPA LPG - LIPOMASSAGE LPG - LIFTMASSAGE DERMIO CARE - THE TREATME ... OXYGEN MESOTHERAPY LASER BIOSTIMULATION INSTRUMENTAL LYMPHTIC DRA ... VACUWELL VIBROSAUNA BODY RITUALS FACE RITUALS Herbal sauna Finnish sauna Disease: Diseases of the kinetic apparatus: - Arthritis - Bechterev disease - Arthrosis - Post-injury and post-surgical therapy and rehabilitation (after injuries and operations of a locomotive apparatus, after operations of intervertebral disk, before and after joint replacement operations) Non-tuberculosis diseases of the respiratory system: - Chronic bronchitis - Bronchial asthma - Nasal allergy and other allergy treatments using the effect of the Rajec-Kunerad climate, inhalations and oxygentherapy - Conditions after recurrent pneumonia and after operations of lower airways and lungs Nervous disorders: - Atonic paralyses (post-injury paralyses excluded) - Central nervous system inflammatory diseases - Post-operative and post-injury states of central and peripheral nerves - Degenerative diseases of nerves and musculature - Poliomyelitis (the ability of independent walking required) - Sudden cerebral episodes after the acute stage has finished - Parkinson Occupational diseases - Diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system invoked by toxic substances, noise or physical damage - Diseases of the bone, joints, muscles, tendons and nerve ends caused by work with vibrating tools or extensive one-sided exertion Contraindications Please pay attention to the following list of contraindications. - Infectious diseases - All diseases in acute stage - Hypertension and indications of circulatory failure - Conditions after deep venous thrombosis - Neglected diabetes mellitus - Cachexia - Tumours - Epilepsy, psychosis and mental disorders - Incontinence of urine and excrements - Pregnancy - Dementia - Skin defects of different origin that are not able to heal

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Other Information

Clients coming to our spa can find comfortable hotel accommodation situated in the enjoyable and calming environment of the park and the lake with fountains and rock formations. Everything is close and concentrated around the Balneology Centre. The Hotel Aphrodite situated directly in the spa house Aphrodite provides its guests with extraordinary comfortable rooms and suites, the equipment of a specific style and numerous possibilities of therapy, rehabilitation in thermal water.

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