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Basic Detail

Name Juventus Clinic
Year of Establishment 2002
Parking Yes
Canteen Yes
Internal Pharmacy Yes
Blood Bank Yes
Ambulance Service Yes


Lahr/Schwarzwald, Germany

Introduction & Overview

At Juventas Revitalization Clinic our philosophy of care represents more than a viewpoint; its a commitment. Every member of our team has pledged to make the ICARE Commitment their personal responsibility, giving our patients care that is supported by the highest order of compassion, innovation, science, and technology. When you come to the clinic you bring more than an illness or condition; you bring your hopes, individual needs, and personal experience. Thats why a caring relationship with patients and families is paramount to everything we do. We have the medical knowledge. You carry the experience and expertise of knowing your own body. We believe this collaboration will help us empower you to make sound, critical decisions that affect your health. Only by working together can we improve your well-being and provide the best possible treatment. In nurturing this team effort we practice: Integrity: We conduct ourselves in a fair, trustworthy manner and uphold professional and ethical standards.. Compassion: We act with empathy, understanding and attentiveness toward all others. Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and join with our colleagues to deliver Medicine of the Highest Order. Respect: We always treat patients, families and colleagues with dignity and sensitivity, valuing their diversity. Excellence: We lead by example, rising above the ordinary through personal efforts of our team. As you spend time with us you will see and hear a lot about patient-centered care. This term is an easy way to refer to our patient partnership, which is a key part of our vision.

Centres of Excellence


Services & Facilities

Anti-Aging Therapies: Juventas Revitalization Programme German Fat2Fit Programme Androboost Programme Metabolic Therapy of Diabetes Cardiac Regenerative Therapy Ultra Detox Programme Treatment of Incurable Diseases German Biological Therapies: Ozone Therapy Chelation Therapy Cell Therapy Oxygen therapy Thymus Therapy Laser Therapy Orthomolecular Medicine

Affiliations With Associations

American board of Anti-Aging FOM IHS WOSIAM ZAEN

Achievements & Awards


Featured Doctors

Featured Treatments

  • Anti-Aging

Other Information

The founding of Juventas Revitalization Clinic reflects Dr. Scheiks passion to create and implement a practice that focuses on patient individuality with a humane touch, a high level of doctor-patient interaction and comprehensive patient education. When combined with his passion for continuous research, this approach helps patients achieve the optimal health they deserve. Dr.Scheik speaks fluent English, Russian and German.

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