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Name Czech (Wellness)
Year of Establishment 1993
Parking Yes
Canteen Yes
Internal Pharmacy Yes
Blood Bank Yes
Ambulance Service Yes


Prague, Czech Republic

Introduction & Overview

The Czech Republic is a modern and dynamic destination with a rich history and unique natural beauty. The CzechTourism agency, along with its offices abroad ,ensures its successful presentation on the domestic and foreign markets. The Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism is a contributory organization of the Ministry for Regional Development and was established in 1993. Its significant partner agencies include domestic tourist regions, cities, municipalities and businesses. Vision and objectives Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism is engaged in the development of tourism in the Czech Republic through a number of key activities that promote tourism domestically and abroad. The main vision of the CzechTourism agency is to create a new perception of the Czech Republic, in particular its transformation from a post-communist destination to an attractive location for tourists. One of the tasks of the agency is to convince domestic clients and foreign visitors to discover the beauty of the Czech Republic. In addition to the capital city of Prague, which has an exceptional reputation in the world, it primarily aims to show the potential of undiscovered regional places. Other objectives of CzechTourism include increasing the repetition of visits and the satisfaction of tourists. The source markets The main source markets for the Czech Republic are Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, USA, Poland, Slovakia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria or Japan. The share of the main markets are about the same, with some exceptions (e.g. Germany, Russia) The number and proportion of arrivals and overnight stays from Russia and the new European markets such as Croatia, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey are gradually increasing. From new markets outside Europe, the highest growth of arrivals and overnight stays is registered mainly from South Korea, China and Brazil. The importance of source markets must also be assessed by the amount of average daily expenditure. The markets with the highest overall average daily expenditure are Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, France, Spain, but also Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Marketing campaign Attractive tourist destinations in the Czech Republic on the domestic and foreign markets are represented in the campaign "Czech Republic: A Country Full of Stories." The engaging stories which visitors can uncover, discover and experience on their own, entice them to visit unique places. In promoting the Czech Republic, CzechTourism focuses on the following topics: Journeys of discovery, presenting unique cultural elements such as sacral monuments, urban architecture and customs and traditional gastronomy. They are not just focused on Prague, but also on other cities with a story like Brno and Olomouc. Countryside trails, promoting mostly casual outdoor activities in nature during the summer and winter. Pathways to health are founded on world-renowned Czech spas and medical tourism. MICE - congress and incentive tourism For the presentation of the Czech Republic as an interesting tourist destination the CzechTourism agency also uses Integrated Operational Programme projects, funded by the European Union. Each of the projects focuses on the promotion of domestic and inbound tourism, representing Czech gastronomy, traditions and customs or film tourism. Promotion Tools The CzechTourism agency presents the Czech Republic at several fairs and through the use of leaflets it ensures the promotion of tourism bodies. In addition, the organization publishes a number of clear and graphically attractive brochures and maps, which offer visitors an overview of the interesting tourist destinations from various thematic aspects. An important element of promoting the Czech Republic abroad is a schematic presentation of tourist potential through press and fam trips, namely trips for foreign journalists and tour operators. Another agenda is the support of major domestic events as well as the organization of custom events, such as the International competition of ice and straw wine IceWine du Monde or the film festival TourFilm. An integral part of the promotion of the Czech Republic at home and abroad is the website of the organization. The portal presents the Czech Republic through various products and attracts potential foreign visitors not through isolated targets, but through the stories of the cities, personalities, architecture and countryside . Foreign representation The Czech Republic is represented by 21 foreign representative CzechTourism agencies both in European countries, including Germany, UK and Spain and in countries outside Europe, such as China, Brazil or the USA. The basic objective of the network of foreign CzechTourism representative agencies is to promote the Czech Republic in the respective markets, build brand awareness of destinations and stimulate the volume of arrivals of foreign visitors. The CzechTourism agency branches offer a wide range of promotional activities. Their basic tools include campaigns (on-line, print and outdoor), press and fam trips, road shows, participation in trade fairs, promotional events, organizing presentations and workshops, collaboration with foreign and Czech entities and establishing and developing contacts with strategic partners. Czech Convention Bureau The Mission of the Czech Convention Bureau (CzCB) is the promotion of the Czech Republic in the field of congress and incentive tourism on the domestic and foreign market. CzCB closely cooperates with regional offices. It covers the work of regions and thereby contributes to maximizing the use of all convention potential offered by the Czech Republic. Congress and incentive tourism (also known by the acronym MICE) is one of the economically most beneficial forms of tourism. Statistics of the International Association ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) quantify the average total expenditure of a delegate at a meeting to more than 2 600 USD, which is up to three times the expenditure of tourists. Prague is already traditionally placed in leading positions on the global ranking of congress cities. The Tourism Institute of the Czech Republic The Tourism Institute is a new department of the CzechTourism agency. Its mission is to provide other organizational units of the agency and the professional and general public with reporting, analysis and information services. It also provides regular information on the current state and expected development of the tourism market in the Czech Republic, provides regular information on the current state and prospects of the international tourism market, through collaboration with the public and private sector it puts the acquired knowledge into practice, thereby contributing to the development and achievement of the long-term competitiveness of the Czech Republic in the field of tourism.

Centres of Excellence

Wellness in & out of spas Recharge your batteries at Czech spas and wellness resorts Ethereal scents from exotic plants, a wealth of natural resources, calming massage, relaxing baths, soothing wraps and all this to the sound of comforting music and the flicker of candles welcome to the magical world of wellness, a world that blends a deep knowledge of human health with a feeling of relaxation and an escape from stress, fatigue and the problems of our overworked age. Come and take it easy at Czech wellness resorts, where in the wonderful setting of elegant spas, wellness hotels, ostentatious chateaux and rural farms you can leave the everyday hustle and bustle behind and restore your appetite for life. Medical Spas The magic of ancient traditions, quality tried and tested over the years and top quality medical care for the body and mind this is the Czech spa industry. Czech spa towns do not invite visitors for rest and relaxation alone. Guests above all receive high quality medical care here. Modern medical facilities offer exclusive relaxation thanks to a combination of modern techniques and traditional, tried and tested wisdom! Which of the dozens of Czech spas will you choose? Will Teplice, the oldest spa in Bohemia and in Central Europe win, or will it be famous Karlovy Vary?

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