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Basic Detail

Name Romatem
Year of Establishment 2005
Parking Yes
Canteen Yes
Internal Pharmacy Yes
Blood Bank Yes
Ambulance Service Yes


İstanbul, Turkey

Introduction & Overview

Our Samsun Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Branch Center started its operation in July of 2005, and Kocaeli Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Branch Center in August of 2006. Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital with 25-bed capacity started its service in 2010, in Samsun, and our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center existing in province of Kocaeli has been converted to a Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital with 27-bed capacity. ROMATEM continued to grow in 2012 by opening the first Turkish Robotic Rehabilitation Center in Bostanci and has taken a significant step in the field of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. In the same year, our Nişantaşı Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Clinic has been opened for service. As Romatem Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospitals Group, we completed successfully our services being provided in Kartal Yavuz Selim State Hospital, Ordu State Hospital, Samsun Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital, Darşşafaka Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centers and Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit in Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University. Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Branch Hospital with 50-bed capacity, in Bursa, started its operation as from March of 2014. Romatem; possesses Lokomat device (a walking robot for paralyzed patients and for the patients who have walking disorder), which exists in Turkey in very small numbers, Armeospring-Armeopower shoulder-arm robot and Armeo hand-finger robot, and Vertetrac device which is a new solution for low back and neck pains, and HIL Therapy device which is a high intense laser therapy for low back and neck calcifications, and Diers 4D four-metric scoliosis measuring device used in diagnosis of scoliosis (vertebral curvature) and also ICSC 2.0 Spinal Decompression device which offers treatment for the patients with lumbar and cervical disc hernia, who are recommended to have surgery or who underwent surgery, but, could not find healing , and all such devices are used in treatment of the patients.

Centres of Excellence

Romatem is equipped with the worlds most advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation technologies. Romatem offers neurologic, orthopedic, reumatologic and cardiologic rehabilitation; CP rehabilitation; sports medicine; obesity treatments; and lymphedema sections. It also treats back, neck and joint pain, scoliosis and provides many other services. In some centers there is a hydrotherapy unit for the patients as well as SPA complemented by thermal water, pilates, yoga and fitness facilities. By combining their medical expertise with sophisticated science and technology, our staff strives to improve patients wellbeing, through painless and independent movement. Our hospital offers the best medical care with its attentive and experienced physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and medical personnel. Our staff at International Patient Center will assist you for all services needed for the patients treatment and wellbeing as well as services for the accompanying persons. Romatem provides hotel-quality comfort to all in- and out-patients and their relatives. Turkey is a diverse and welcoming country where people from every culture can find what they need and feel at home.

Services & Facilities

Acupuncture and Cup Treatment Cardiac Rehabilitation Ergotherapy Foot Analysis Hand Rehabilitation Hydrotherapy Manual Therapy and Kinesiologic Banding Neurological Rehabilitation Orthopedic Rehabilitation Ozone Therapy Pediatric Rehabilitation Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Bursitis and Tendinitis EN-Dynamic Smart Exercise Program Injections Knee, Shoulder Pain Knee, Shoulder, Hip Calcification Low Back, Neck Pain Low Back, Neck and Back Pain Neck, Low Back Flattening Nerve Compression Obesity Rehabilitation Rheumatic Pain Therapy Treatment of Fibromyalgia Treatment of Heel Spur PRP Reflexology Massage Scolosis Speech Therapy Treatment of Lymphedema

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  • Physical Therapy

Other Information

Mission / Vision Our Vision Our vision is to make ROMATEM, with guiding principles of being scientific, ethical and using technology in treatment, a prominent Turkish brand in healthcare. Our Mission Rehabilitation is the name of our effort to help the people gain independence. Our job does not resemble any field of health. We strive for days, weeks, months and even for years. We know that the success is attained by working hard. Just like liberation, independence... This is our mission.

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