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Q. What exactly is "Medical Tourism"?

Medical Tourism is a fast growing worldwide phenomena where uninsured or underinsured individuals are able to travel to a foreign country for medical, dental, or cosmetic treatment and quality post-care. Internationally accredited and recognized hospitals offer medical treatment at a fraction of the cost for the same treatment inside the United States. This presents tremendous savings to the patient without sacrificing quality of care. During post-care, patients may choose to relax and recuperate in idyllic surroundings, with beautiful beaches, and go on guided tours of the local tourist attractions in the host country.

Q. What Role does Arabian Gulf Tourism play in the medical tourism process?

Since traveling to another country for medical treatment may be a new experience for many individuals, we facilitate and customize the entire trip abroad from start to finish. Our company is your first point of contact in the process. We function as the liaison between individuals seeking treatment and the medical institutions offering treatment.

We connect you to the medical institution in the destination country, establish pre-treatment consultations with the medical team in the designated hospital abroad, arrange your flight, hotel and tour guides in the destination country, who will then attend to your needs.

Q. How Do I start the process?

We encourage you to gather as much information as possible, in order to be able to make an informed decision - About us, about your choice of destination for the medical treatment, about the treatment itself, and about the overall costs involved.. If you have any questions or need more information, we will be happy to provide whatever information you need, in addition to clearing any doubts you may have. Please visit the contact us section, to find out the best way you can get in touch with us.

Cost of Care

Q. How much do I save by getting this treatment abroad?

There are various procedures in medical, dental, and cosmetic surgery and costs depend on a wide array of factors including destination country of choice, length of treatment, post operative care, and travel expenses.

Prices may vary according to your preferences for afore-mentioned factors. However, the total cost of the entire package will still, generally speaking, be at about 50-80% less than what equivalent treatment would cost in the U.S.

Why are medical, dental, and cosmetic treatment and surgery so inexpensive in other countries?

The standard of living is significantly lower in these countries and the difference between the U.S. dollar and foreign currencies gives you better value for their money in most countries offering medical tourism. The costs for malpractice insurance and other costs faced by medical facility operators in the U.S. are much higher than in other countries. These costs are in turn passed to you, the patient, when you go in for medical treatment in the United States.

Q. If there is such a vast difference in savings, why don't more people travel abroad for treatment?

The concept of Medical Tourism has been around for decades but until recently, it hasn't been under the global spotlight. In 2005 alone, over 500,000 Americans traveled abroad for medical tourism. With the increasing strain on the American healthcare system, more and more people are looking for new and innovative ideas to cut their healthcare spending. As medical tourism, and its benefits, obtain more publicity, it can be expected that it will be recognized as a commonly availed medical option in the near future.

Q. Would my health insurance cover treatments abroad?

Although many U.S. Insurance companies are accepting claims from overseas medical institutions, it would be advisable to check with your insurance company. We will aid you by :-

a) Following any guidelines your insurance company provides, and b) providing any and all documentation required for re-imbursements by your insurance company.

Q. How would I finance this treatment if my Insurance does not cover the cost?

While we can and do assist you with obtaining financial aid, it has to be done on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstances involved and it would be best to contact us directly, so we can evaluate your situation.

Q. If my health insurance plan does cover the treatment I need, would Medical Tourism be a more attractive option?

While your insurance company may cover the cost of your required treatment, in many cases, they require the patient to pay a substantial amount of the total cost, up-front. In these situations, the total cost of travel and treatment abroad may be equal or less to your out of pocket cost with the insurance company. In addition, sometimes there's a waiting list in the U.S. for patients who, on the contrary, need immediate treatment. Many patients choose not to wait or can't wait for available slots and decide to travel abroad for immediate treatment. Pease go through the step-by-step section on our website.


Q. Do I have to sacrifice quality of care for these savings?

Our primary focus is the safety and quality care of our clients undergoing any operation. We are, therefore, affiliated only with medical institutions who are JCCO accredited. These hospitals have the latest medical equipment and vastly talented and experienced medical teams, who adhere to the International Standards and regulations for patient care. Please see the Testimonials Section to gain a better understanding of what our clients have experienced on their medical tours.

Q. How well-trained are the doctors?

These are doctors who work in Internationally accredited institutions, all prominently well known and respected in their fields. They are all board certified and most of them were practicing in the United States at some point, and are still visiting physicians at major healthcare centers here.

Is there a higher level of risks in treatment abroad?

There is an inherent risk in every medical procedure. Our focus is to minimize the risks involved by working only with accredited hospitals and certified medical professionals who deliver the highest quality of care.

For example, Escorts Heart Institute and Research Center in Delhi, India performs nearly 15,000 heart operations each year, and surprisingly the death rate among patients during surgery is only 0.8 percent. This is less than half the equivalent rate in most major hospitals in the United States.

Traveling Abroad

Q. Can companions travel with me or do I travel alone?

You may choose to have any many people travel with you as you desire. Arabian Gulf Tourism will arrange hotel accommodations for your guests as per your choice. We will be providing you various accommodations options and based on your budget would arrange stay for your near and dear ones in the destination country.

Q. Do the medical teams and tour guides speak English?

Yes. The medical teams in the accredited hospitals are well trained. Many of the Doctors have practiced in the United States at some point. The tour guides are equally proficient in the English language. In most, if not all, locations, English is the language of choice for communication, even amongst the locals.

Q. Do I get to choose my preferred hospital for treatment?

Yes. We will present you with several options based on the kind of treatment you need, and you are advised to select out of this short-list. We will then start making arrangements for your trip to the selected destination.

Q. After my treatment abroad, can I see a local physician in my home district for follow-up visits?

Yes. We can arrange to have your medical records forwarded to your local physical for post follow-up care. In fact, we encourage you to inform your local physician of your trip, and keep them informed and updated, of the status and progress of your treatment.

Q. After my treatment, do I have to stay in the destination country or can I return home immediately?

Most medical professionals would advise you to stay back for a short time for follow-up visits and post treatment examinations. In addition, immediate travel may not be a good idea while you are recuperating.

Q. What if I get to the destination country and I change my mind about the treatment?

We are very flexible and understanding of the needs and desires of individuals in these situations. It is very rare that individuals return home without proceeding with the treatment. However, in the event this occurs, we will make full arrangements for your return and you will be refunded for any money paid in advance for the treatment.