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Basic Detail

Name Dr. Shams Scheik
Gender male
Location 22
Race Asian/German
Qualification MD, ABAARM, Dip.Orthomol Med (Germany)
Specialization 26

Achievements & Awards


Facilities Available

Juventas Revitalization Programme German Fat2Fit Programme Androboost Programme Metabolic Therapy of Diabetes Cardiac Regenerative Therapy Ultra Detox Programme Treatment of Incurable Diseases Ozone Therapy Chelation Therapy Cell Therapy Oxygen therapy Thymus Therapy Laser Therapy Orthomolecular Medicine

Affiliation with Associations

American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (a4m), World Society of Anti-aging Medicine and many other medical research institutes and associations

Affiliation with Hospitals

Juventas Clinic - Lahr/Schwarzwald, Germany

Attached Institution